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Metro Zombie Attack Subway 3D

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Metro Zombie Attack: Subway 3D is an unity 3d shooting game where you are the only one alive in a city full of zombies. You are trapped in a subway station and your biggest mission is to stay alive and kill as many zombies as you can.You have weapons to kill zombies in this game while traveling through the subway station, a left-right look for in your various weapons to destroy the zombies who want to destroy. Use different type of weapons, from pistol to shotgun or rifle and kill them all. W,A,S,D keys to quickly move on to a road. Hold SHIFT key depressed. 12345 keys to change weapons that you find in the game while on the subway for Zombie 3D game that will protect you and to destroy all the zombies. Any other information about the game is a game you will be fired. Use your mouse to take aim at zombies, hold down the left mouse button and look See how the zombies will fly into the air.

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