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Tank 4 Hire

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Play cool fun and intense war shooting games with tanks on vitalitygames.com. Click to play Tank 4 Hire games on vitalitygames and fulfill your mission. In Tank 4 Hire games you play as Tank for Hire, the elite mercenary tank and soldier team. You have been hired to stop the evil Dr.Brainsinajar and his clone army from World Domination. Set over 8 levels, you must complete each mission to get closer to the final battle with the evil Dr himself.n You can shoot or run enemies over.Upgrades include:Speed - Makes your tank go fasterArmour - Makes your tank take more damageReload - Reload your shots quickerShot Power - Do more damage with you bulletsTurret - Move your Tank's turret quickerShot Size - Make your bullets biggerCoin Magnet - Makes it easier to pick up those coins.Carry - Lets you carry two items instead of one on the carrying based levels.Spend your hard earned coins wisely to get the best power ups needed to complete each level.Good luck and have a blast online playing free online tank game on vitalitygames.com!

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