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Air Traffic Chief

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Play Air traffic Chief game free online at Vitality Games. Your mission is to land aircraft without any collision. Planes can be landed on either runway. Click and hold the left mouse button to draw the path you would like the plane to follow. When you see an exclamation mark at the side of the playing area, that means a plane is coming from that direction. When the planes are too close to each other, you hear an alert sound and see a visual warning.The helicopters must land on the helicopter landing zone marked with H. When an aircraft is on a landing course the motion path will turn green. Keep the skies clear when Air Force One arrives at your airport. When you land an aircraft you will get 1 point. The number of planes successfully landed is displayed in the upper left corner and your high score can be seen in the upper right corner of the screen. Free online games are waiting daily to entertain you. Have fun!

  •  Click/hold Down/draw Path

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