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Ben 10 Vs Zombie Survival

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Play Ben 10 vs Zombie Survival game online for free now, here is our collection of Ben 10 games at Vitality Games.Ben 10 is in a quite a problem this time; he's stuck in unknown city, surrounded by zombies. Ben 10 has been attacked by zombies again. Pick up guns and a variety of other items and try to survive from endless zombie rampage. Kill zombies to stay alive, pick up cash to buy more powerful weapon drops. When the rage is full you can press ENTER to release the skills. Ben 10 won't give up! Play only free online games at Vitalitygames. Share them with your friends!

  •  Move
     Special Attack
     Pick Weapons
     Shoot Or Attack

Arrow keys to move. Up arrow to use special attack. Down arrow to pick weapons. Space bar to shoot or attack.

ben 10 ben 10 game ben 10 vs zombies defense girls and boys shooting

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