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Car Wrecker

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Car Wrecker it's a new driving and parking games. You can play it online for free here on vitalitygames along with more similar games from greatcargames. Have you ever just wanted to go wild in traffic and destroy everything around you? Why not try it right now! Use your arrow keys to drive your car and destroy all the vehicles and objects standing in your way. Just crash into them and they will blow up in flames. Just make sure to go to your parking spot before the time runs out. You can find it by following the arrow next to your car. Although you are finally allowed to just destroy everything around you, do not crash your car into the sidewalk or trees, because they will damage your vehicle. But the good news is, the more cars you destroy, the more points will be added to your score. In the bottom part of the screen you can see your timer, you current level, the number of vehicles destroyed and your health bar. Complete each level with much time remaining, a full health bar and everything around you crashed and you will get a high score! There are eight incredible levels available for you to enjoy! Try to win them all and prove you are a skilled driver! Have an amazing time playing Car Wrecker!

  •  For a better game play see the game instruction in the game.

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