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Greatest Hero

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Play Greatest Hero online game. It is one of 11,000 addicting games available on Vitality Games. 91.7 out of 100 based on 12 users rating. If you enjoy playing it, give it a thumbs up and favorite it. New fun games are added every day. We are dedicated to bring you the best games for free and the best online gaming experience on the internet.
 In Greatest Hero games become the Greatest Hero in the land by defeating all the monsters that have invading your land. You are the villagers last hope. Earn money and experience to upgrade your skills and weapons. Also try to unlock all the achievements. So, take your weapons and protect yourself and your territory. Are you able to do that? 
Then just go ahead and play the game. And polish your fighting skills online and become the best hero in arena and from this kingdom. If you like this game you can also try similar hero and super hero action games online. And fight to the end! Have a nice time online on VitalityGames.com and have a blast!

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arena fight fighting hero monsters upgrades weapons

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