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Santa Gifts Delivery

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Looking for a new Santa Christmas game? To play online for free? Then here on Vitality Games we have prepared a special game for you called Santa Gifts Delivery. Christmas it's all most here and every one it's on holiday. Everybody it's free beside Santa for him the hard work begins. Help Santa in the Christmas night to deliver as many presents with his slate to the children. Santa's journey it's hard and outside it's snowing and it's freezing. Use arrow keys and drive Santa and his reindeer through the large piles of snow and the frozen objects in his way. The road it's slippery so you better slow down because you will lose all the presents from the sledge. And Santa will not get in time to deliver the presents to all the children. So learn how to speed up with out losing all the gifts from this exclusive Vitalitygames called Santa Gifts Delivery games, and have lot's of fun online. So remember to drive safe and get the presents to the destination to make Santa proud of your skills. Enjoy online here on vitalitygames our vast collection of free online Christmas And Winter Games specially selected for you to have the best time. Good luck with all the levels and Happy Holidays.

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