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In this game you have to survive to a zombie apocalypse with a scarecrow. It is very difficult because as the time passes there will be more and more zombies that are coming to destroy you. They are coming from the ground from the left and right side so you are surrounded. You have to be careful because only in this way you can survive a long time against the zombies with your scarecrow. If you are hit you will lose from your health, that is at the top of the screen. Do your best to kill a lot of zombies because in this way you will get a good score. You will get points for every zombie you have killed in this exciting game with scarecrow x. In this game you need the left and right arrows to move with the scarecrow and you need z to attack. At the beginning you have a weapon but you are running out of ammo you have to use your fists to hit the zombies. If you are killed the game is over. You can try again if you think you can do better.

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