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T-Rex Rampage Prehistoric Pizza

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looking for a new 3D dinosaur game? , how about with the fiercest dinosaur of them all the T- Rex? Then here on vitalitygames.com we give you this new challenge called T-Rex Rampage Prehistoric Pizza games. In T-Rex Rampage Prehistoric Pizza games you are all the powerful and hungry T- Rex dino! Use arrow keys to move and find pizza. Destroy building and cars and bridges with the press of the space bar. And devour the pizza from each building to get more points and you will stay more in the game. On the game interface it's a life bar with energy you must eat pizza to have energy to destroy many buildings. When your energy runs out you will not have power to destroy no more. And the game will end! Be sure to collect as many pizza to be able to stay more in the game. Make special combos using space and left and down arrow keys. That will make the dinosaur jump and roll doing massive damage. have fun online on vitalitygames with some of the best action adventure T-Rex games and be the best dino online form this new T-Rex Rampage Prehistoric Pizza games! Good luck and have fun!

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  •  Use arrow keys to move the dinosaur.

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