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Traffic Turbo Racing

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Rise and shine! We present to you our newest and exclusive game here on VitalityGames.com called "Traffic Turbo Racing". It's monday morning, a new week, when people have to get back at work with their busy schedules and take their children to school. With that being said the city can get pretty crowded at rush hour so your task will be to coordinate the traffic so everybody gets in time at work, safe and sound. This huge responsibility falls on your shoulders, will you rise up to the challenge? Don't worry, the power up buttons are there to help you, by pressing the green button on the left the time will slow down so you can score the incoming cars better, the next button will transform all of the incoming cars in money cars so the time is now to stack up the cash. On the right side you will find the orange button that will speed up the time so you can activate the last button in conjunction with ghost car mode, the points will go considerably faster than normal without crashing the cars into each other for a set time. "Traffic Turbo Racing" is very simple to play, but has a slight strategy curve that once you master it will make you play it over and over, beating your last high-score. As always have a blast only here on vitalitygames.com!

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