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Minecraft is a worldwide phenomenon, there's no doubt about that! Thousands of gamers are familiar with its instantly recognizable look and relaxing soundtrack. People have been using Minecraft as a creative outlet for years, building all kinds of daring projects within the game, such as real-life locations, historical locations, or fantasy ones, all the way to working retro consoles like the GameBoy. Pretty crazy right? And that's not all! Minecraft has inspired and influenced many developers in making their own games. Some developers liked Minecraft so much that they decided to make games inspired by it. Those are the kinds of games that you can find on this page. Some are more similar to the original than others, some only borrow a few elements and end up being almost completely different games save the aesthetics. 

If you want to explore the plethora of Minecraft Games, you're in the right spot! All you have to do now is pick any title that looks interesting to you and give it a try. Who knows, maybe it will become your new favorite game to play in your spare time.

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