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Racing games are and have been a staple of video games as a whole. They take a special place in online games, where the most popular free games are racing games. 

Many people, upon hearing the words racing games think about car games, and they're not wrong. A huge chunk of racing games is car games. But that's just on a surface level, as you will see here, racing games are much more varied than that. Bike races, horse races, and running races are just to name a few of the games you will discover here. 

So get ready to be competitive, focus on your goal and do everything in your power to be the first to cross the finish line!

We should also tell you that many of our Exclusive Games are racing games as well! And, as is usual with our own games, you can expect a high level of quality in every aspect of those games, from the rich and detailed visuals all the way to the butter-smooth gameplay.

What Are Racing Games?

Racing games are super cool adventures where you get to drive really fast! Some games make it look like you're driving in the real world with awesome 3D graphics, while others give you a bird's-eye view from the top, like playing with toy cars. There are fun tracks with lots of twists and turns to explore. And guess what? In some games, you can race against a friend in 2 Player Mode, making it even more exciting to see who's the fastest! Get ready to have a blast zooming around and having fun with racing games!

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