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Hunting in a pack or alone? Are you a lonely wolf or do you like attack your prey in a teem where you can be the leader? You now have the chance to choose here on We know a wolf can tear apart almost every animal around him. Now you have the great opportunity to   see who a wolf acts, smells, sees and lives. 
Here you will find so many awesome game in which you can join a pack and act like one by hunting all kinds of animals in order to keep you fed up. Also you can have puppies, find a partner and the thing that will be more interesting for you is to become a werewolf. You can learn step by step how to turn the animal in you and when to switch to the human side. Interesting, I know. Grab your friends and check out more games from our website and try to find the game who is the most appealing for your taste. 
Share our games and have a blast time while you play wolf games free online on our website.

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