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Do you think you have what it takes to survive to these vital games you'll find on our website? Welcome to the survival games category, where everything you will be doing is finish the game in one piece. Survival games are generally open-ended, with no set goals, and are often closely related to the survival horror genre, in which the player must survive within a supernatural setting, such as a zombie apocalypse. You will have to shoot people and attack all kinds of monsters in order for you to be alive. Are you ready for a challenge like this one? It will come in handy for you if you will have or gain some shooting skills, a good strategy, an escape plan that will make an impact. You will have to think fast and act like it's your last day on earth. On you will ran into some of the best free online survival games that will teach you how to keep it together till the storm passes. Survival games are a subgenre of action video games that generally start the player with minimal resources in a hostile, open-world environment, and require them to collect resources, craft tools, weapons, and shelter, and survive as long as possible. 

¿Qué Son Los Juegos De Supervivencia?

Los juegos de supervivencia son un género de videojuegos donde el jugador se coloca en entornos hostiles con un equipo mínimo y debe crear herramientas, armas y un refugio, y sobrevivir el mayor tiempo posible.

Echa un vistazo a estos Juegos De Supervivencia enumerados en la página 1. Tenemos un total de 627 Juegos De Supervivencia y los más populares son: Pumpkin Panic, Laboratory Hunt, Zombie Apocalypse: Survival!, y muchos más juegos gratuitos. Esta página enumera los juegos del 1 al 54. Esta lista de Juegos De Supervivencia recibió una calificación de 4.17 / 5.00 de 1448 votos.