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An army or ground force is a fighting force that fights primarily on land. In the broadest sense, it is the land-based military branch, service branch or armed service of a nation or state. It may also include other branches of the military such as the air force via means of aviation corps. Within a national military force, the word army may also mean a field army. Many soldiers have fought for our countries for the grater good and they still need volunteers to do this heavy job. 
Now my question for you is, do you have the strength, determinations, skills and surviving in critical situations? Because if you are ready then can offer you many free online army games that will get you in shape for a real job in the army field. As you probably seen in movies, there is a bigger risk to be on a battle field than anywhere else. At every step you take there might be a bomb that is ready to blow you up, a bullet coming for you at a glimpse of an eye and many other dangerous things that are right behind you. You have to pay extra attention to these games but still try to create a good atmosphere to have fun. Enjoy!

¿Qué Son Los Juegos Del Ejército?

Los juegos del ejército son una categoría de juegos que presentan soldados, armas, tanques y otros aspectos de la vida del ejército. El jugador generalmente tiene que sobrevivir en el campo de batalla, defender bases militares o salvar rehenes. Algunos juegos del ejército también se centran en las habilidades de supervivencia.

Echa un vistazo a estos Juegos Del Ejército enumerados en la página 1. Tenemos un total de 182 Juegos Del Ejército y los más populares son: CS Remake: Modern FPS, KnightBit - Battle Of The Knights, Offroad Army Transporter, y muchos más juegos gratuitos. Esta página enumera los juegos del 1 al 54. Esta lista de Juegos Del Ejército recibió una calificación de 4.3 / 5.00 de 7242 votos.