Bad Roads Trucks
Bad Roads Trucks
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Bad Roads Trucks

Bad Roads Trucks


Clasificación: 4.3
A new adventure has begun! Try to survive in this dark lands that you've been thrown into! Good luck!

When darkness took over the Earth, the only thing you can do best is to keep going in hoping you'll find a way out from these shadows. Usually when you're in the dark you need to pay extra attention to the objects around you. In this case you need to be careful not to die by some spinning blades that are planted there to kill you. The game has 12 intense levels and 4 monster trucks that are ready for you to unlock. Along the way you have golden coins to collect and gas for your monster truck to keep it going. Use arrow keys to move the monster truck and in case of break press space. Try this brand new game "Bad Roads Trucks" here on and make sure you are sharing with your best friends. Enjoy the ride and don't let darkness get you!
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