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Blocky Squad
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Blocky Squad

Blocky Squad


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Try this fun strategy shooting game called Blocky Squad that is quite addicting. And fight this war to win against the Nazi.

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Try this fun strategy shooting game called Blocky Squad that is quite addicting. Blocky Squad is a a fun 2D side view game where the war is against the Nazi. You will be in charge.. and must use your brain to send many types of soldiers..equipped with various weapons and defeat the enemies squat gathered in the trench. Each trench conquered will give you a bigger chance for your soldier to survive and shoot easier the approaching enemies.

The army is divided depending on the weapons they own. Starting with rifles and sub-machine gun and then captains that are equipped with a special guns that can shoot from a larger distance. Moving on to the heavy cavalry like snipers and bazooka equipped soldiers. Each soldier is created in a period of time the weaker ones like rifle man are cheap and only cost 20 gold but fast to create, they have low hp and week fire rating. Making them week again snipers and bazooka but very efficient in large numbers for fast assault. If you want to push fast.... upgrade the rifle man they are cheap to in upgrades and you can win faster each level without other units. As you play more and more levels you will earn money and you can upgrade weapons and get bombs and many more cool stuff to help you win the war.

Combine the type of soldiers like get the weaker ones in front and get the bazooka in the back and you will win easy each round. Sniper are good when enemies push and try to take their trench back or even eliminate your army if you can store many snipers in one place it will bring the enemy soldiers down one by one. In the harder levels you can upgrade a special skill that will cost 100 gold and is limited in each round. The nuke bombs are easy to use and good again large groups of soldiers. Come up with your one strategy and make sure you upgrade and combine the soldiers to be able to win each war from all levels. Enjoy this epic fun to play and very addicting html5 Blocky Squad game with a lot of levels to keep you entertained. Good luck and have fun!

Release Date
February 27, 2018
Blocky Squad is developed by
  • Easy to play and addictive..
  • Use Bunkers and trenches to defend your troops from the enemies.
  • Tons of playable troops like: rifle, sub-machines guns,snipers and bazooka..
  • A lot of upgrades for your soldiers and special ability like nuke bombs..

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