Bob The Robber
Bob The Robber
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Bob The Robber

Bob The Robber


Clasificación: 4.1
Play as a thief, hiding in the shadows, and steal everything you can touch! Bob The Robber has finally arrived at!

Are you looking to play a free game that is both fun to play and will keep you glued to the screen? In that case, we have just the game for you: Bob The Robber.
Yes, that's right, the famous series of online games Bob The Robber is here! This is only the first installment of the series and there are many more to come! So what's this game about? Well, in case the name didn't tip you off, your task is to visit several locations and rob them clean. You'll have to hide in the shadows, avoid being detected, dodge security cameras, break codes to open doors, pick locks, and many more to achieve your goal. The game has a very similar style to the Neighbour from Hell series, and if you played that, you'll feel right at home with today's title! So if you're ready to see how sneaky you are click Play and let's go!
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  • Good looking 2D graphics
  • Challenging levels
  • Smooth animations
  • Detailed environments
  • Lots of things to do
  • Easy to learn controls
  • The game teaches you how to play

Fecha de lanzamiento: October 2018

Desarrolladora: Bob The Robber fue desarrollado por Funtomic

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