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Boxing Stars

Boxing Stars


Clasificación: 4.9
Boxing Stars it's a fun 2d action-fighting boxing game where you compete to win the world cup to battles and gather all prizes with powerful box combos.

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And get your fits and legs ready for this action boxing game where you must ascend from the crate underground to the title and become a boxing star. Work on your abilities with remunerations to contend in better competitions. Put your boxing gloves on and box like a crazy maniac. Rout every one of your rivals in battles and gather all prizes. As in the top free battling games, utilize powerful box combos to KO your sporting events rival. Nothing is more fulfilling in the boxing match-ups, an MMA game or any battling game than an early KO! 

Battle For Glory 
Enter the gaming events ring thunder and get into finish off matches in a classic free battling game. Face risky fighter rivals in the ring and score a KO! Investigate the universe of boxing and advance toward the top in the boxing match-ups. You can turn into the boxing champion, the best fighter ever! Welcome to the best of free battling games and prepare to finish off, punch hard, and KO the adversary fighter! 

Join An Endless Fighting Experience 
Challenge a tip-top of boxing match-ups champions from around the universe of battling games: battle night or day in single and multiplayer ongoing interaction modes across much refreshing finish off box occasions, story mode, and smackdown competitions.

Fecha de lanzamiento: August 2021

Desarrolladora: Boxing Stars fue desarrollado por Inlogic Software

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