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Clasificación: 4.3
Fight, die upgrade your hero get more levels and buy better weapons. Each time you die you can upgrade your player from the armory in game

Fight like the barbarians use to fight with no fear and no regrets in this fun and intense arena .io game called Face hordes of enemies as a gladiator and have a blast online. Be quick, don't be afraid, and be crazy.
Fight, die and upgrade your hero get more levels, and buy better weapons. Each time you die you can upgrade your player from the armory.
A tip to help you evolve faster and dominate the playground is to watch the free ads and get random gold coins. Get the longest swords, axes, and weapons, and make sure you cause mayhem on a rampage of destruction.
Collect the red circle filled with blood to levels up faster and if you want to avoid confrontations use the click to sprint and escape. But it has a cost you will lose level up and the blood you have collected.
Make sure you check all the power-ups and upgrades from the armory. There are plenty of upgrades for your characters and their weapons to make you unstoppable on the battlefield. Have fun with this epic fun fighting game and kill for gold and glory!
  • Nice looking 2D graphics with fun and captivating gameplay.
  • A lot of unique character cosmetics will be available in the armory.
  • Climb to the top of the leaderboards to show that you're the best.
  • Fight with swords, basketball bats, axes, and many more weapons.
  • Each kill and level up will give you extra coins.
  • Try to collect the bubbling blood from the ground to faster your level up growth.
  • Simple animation, sounds, and blood effects.
  • Easy and fun to play.
Web browser and Android.

Fecha de lanzamiento: March 2018

Desarrolladora: fue desarrollado por Night Steed Games

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