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Clasificación: 4.9
Navigate your way through an endlessly deep cave in this Cave FRVR game. Balance your drone to fly in the descent while collecting cool stuff..don't die..

Play this fun Cave FRVR Html5 games for free on Let the adventure start and hold the mouse to make the drone balance and fly in the descent while collecting glowing gold diamonds and other expensive stuffs.
Start this cool flying game and stop on the floating refilling ramps from the cave to recharge the energy or fuel of the drone. While lading on the platforms you must make sure the landing is made smooth a faster landing will damage your drone stabilization sensors or rocket boosters. After recharging your energy start descending in the darkness of the cave.. Avoid all obstacles that will challenge your balancing skills. Try to keep away from the static stone blocks and the moving ones and try to collect the pink large diamond that will give you more points. Collect shield and don't run out of energy you will die. Watch out for the blue and pink sharp diamonds from the edges that will damage your drone. And try to collect the cool mech boxes that will give you random stuff like,fuel,money or upgrades...;)) The small circle with red light area explosive don't run into them. Enjoy the missions and upgrades and have fun in this endless descending survival games with many more challenge that awaits your skills. Surprisingly addicting game..;)) Cave FRVR game can be played for free online, on your mobile and tablet on!
Release Date
January 23, 2018
Cave FRVR has been developed by
  • Decent 2D graphics..
  • Frustrating but surprisingly addicting game.
  • Nice guiding voice and sound effects+music.
  • Find secret pathways and weapon boxes.
  • Gem Challenge mode.
  • Missions and Upgrades