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Color Blast

Color Blast


Clasificación: 4.9
Bounce and fly up through matching colors with the colored ball. Improve your quick reaction skills to score points and finish the level.

Enjoy a new thrilling and similar game like the famous game color switch called Color Blast. Click to play now online Color Blast game for free on In this awesome ball and color matching game you can select one of the modes: Classic, Timed, Lights Out and Panic while surviving to reach the finish line.
Start playing the game and touch the screen to make the ball bonce and move forward but don't let the ball fall down you will lose the game. Hold still the ball till the color of the ball matches the circle part and then move inside the circle while continuing up to the top until the level is finished.
Have fun with this skill game and improve your quick reactions to score points while having fun with this this arcade game. Watch out for the multi-colored boosters it will help you change your color! . Have a blast online with this color jumping and switching game and try other similar games like :Color Switch: Challenge and Color Switch. Good luck!

Release Date
January 2019.
Web browser.
Playjolt has developed Color Blast.

  • A new fun game similar to the famous color switch game.
  • 4 different game modes available in the game.
  • Each game mode has 30 levels.
  • Win levels and earn start to level up.
  • Conquest the Classic, Timed, Lights Out and Panic modes.
  • Fun to play with captivating game-play.
  • Nice music and sounds.

More Information About Micro Color Blast

It's a fun to play color switch game with captivating game-play. That can be played online for free on Color Blast it's developed with HtmL5 technology allowing to work perfectly on all modern browsers. If you enjoyed this epic fun skill game and want to play more similar game try this: Colorzzle and Color Hexagon.Good luck and have fun!
Video Instruction and Youtube Game-play.

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