Drift Runner 3D
Drift Runner 3D
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Drift Runner 3D

Drift Runner 3D


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Drift Runner 3D it's a fun and exciting driving car game with a modified BMW where you must speed up and make the car slide in making the best drifts!

If you are a fan of the BMW cars now if your chance to test and drive online this old but fun M3 sports car. Test the limits of the car in this new 3d unity Drift Runner 3D game for free here on
Click to play now Drift Runner 3D games and drift in the streets of the city. Speed up and see how the car handles at speed up to 300 km per hour, and see for yourself what the badge of M stands for!
Are you really able to drift at 150 km per hour without crashing your car? If you accept this challenge then let us see you? Almost everyone is nowadays able to drift through the turn at second gear, but drifting at such high speeds demands a really decent driving skill and experience behind the wheel. The city is available just for you, so what are you gonna do?
Explore it and have fun smoking the tires on this modified M3