Ever After High: Through The Woods
Ever After High: Through The Woods
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Ever After High: Through The Woods

Ever After High: Through The Woods


Clasificación: 4.9
The world of Ever After High is not only full of wonders but of dangers too! Can you make it through the forest safely?

Have you ever wondered what's like to live in the realm of the Ever After High? Maybe you spent hours daydreaming about exploring that wonderful land and befriending the people living there. But, like all places, it's not just sunshine and rainbows all the way. There are some places you might want to avoid. Ever After High: Through the Woods takes you to such a place. Why you may ask? It's the Blue Moon Forest Fest in Ever After. Four girls who planned to attend were tricked by Fabelle Thorne into taking the wrong path, and now they ended up in the deep dark forest. Cerise Hood, worried about their safety decides to look for them and help them find their way out. But it's not that simple, as the forest is full of obstacles and dangers. You'll have to make sure that you don't get caught on your way by monsters and that you also don't crash into obstacles. This runner game is fast-paced, so you'll need to focus. Can you help Cerise Hood find her friends on time? Or will you get lost in the woods as well? Only one way to find out!
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  • 2D graphics
  • Fast-paced gameplay
  • Easy to learn controls

Fecha de lanzamiento: March 2022

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