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Helicopter Black Ops 3D

Helicopter Black Ops 3D


Clasificación: 4.9
Fly helicopters and take part in epic fights as you try to sink warships. Can you complete all missions successfully?

Do you like to play war games? Have you wondered what is it like to fly a helicopter and take part in intense air battles? In that case Helicopter Black Ops 3D is the game for you! Begin the game by getting accustomed to the helicopter's controls, so you can maneuver it more easily when you are actually battling. Fly high in the sky while searching for your target. Once you have found its starts firing at it while also trying to dodge the enemy incoming fire. Can you do it? Are you the right person for this job? Click Play and let's find out!
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  • 3D graphics
  • Fun and intense gameplay
  • Controls are slightly more difficult until you get used to them