HoverCraft Race
HoverCraft Race
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HoverCraft Race

HoverCraft Race


Clasificación: 4.2
Time to race on a hovercraft! Do your best and impress everyone with your driving skills. Good luck!

Hovercraft are hybrid vessels operated by a pilot as an aircraft rather than a captain as a marine vessel. What about racing with one? Here on comes out this brand new racing game called "HoverCraft Race". You will face some restless water, fearful opponents that you need to exceed in order for you to win. You have five different types of hovercraft to race with. Each one is set up with different skills. Use your racing skills to overcome the rest of the competitors and become the winner of this race. You can control the hovercraft by using the arrow keys and when is necessary press space for break. Time to get crazy! Go in this adventure and get some real experience about how does it feel to race on water! Have fun and share our game "HoverCraft Race" among your friends.
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