Iron Snout Update
Iron Snout Update
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Iron Snout Update

Iron Snout Update


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Prepare your trained hooves and show your awesome kung-fu fighting skills. Become the ultimate wolf killing machine and improve your pig iron abilities.

If you are in a mood for awesome and fun stress relief games you came to the right place. Here on we have prepared this new updated version for the famous pig game called Iron Snout. Our little hero is not just a simple domestic pig as you will see in the game.
Prepare your trained hooves and show your awesome kung-fu fighting skills and become the ultimate wolf killing machine in the city. And enjoy this epic competitive one-on-one fighting game. Start fighting your way and show those outlaw wolves that you are not just a bacon in the pan. With a lot of martial art moves that will impress even the famous Jackie Chan. Use your skills and punches and make uppercuts, kicks, jumps, split-kicks, flips, ducks, slams, catch, grab and throw. Show those wolves your pig iron abilities of a super fighter and improve in this epic fun clash of piglet versus wolves. The game can be played in 3 game modes like: classic, sudden death and 2 player wolfieball. The funny feature about this game is that you can collect the weapons dropped by your opponents and turn the tide of battle. Become the best pig axe assassin for axe-wielding wolves and deadly-pogo-jumpers. Do your best in a battle like this where anything goes. Good luck wolf hunting!
Release Date
January 2016, but now in September 2018 with a new updated version featuring 2 player wolfieball game mode.
Web browser, iOS and Android.
  • One awesome fighting game with Piglet as the main character.
  • Charming and simple cartoony graphics.
  • Awesome animations, fighting combos and physics.
  • Various enemies that are coming from both sides.
  • You can use the dropped weapons.
  • Grab the enemies as your weapons.
  • You can use enemy parts as your weapon.
  • Use your hooves as the deadliest weapon of all.
  • Awesome combos you've only seen in the movies
  • Easy and fun to play.

Desarrolladora: Iron Snout Update fue desarrollado por SnoutUp Games

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