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Clasificación: 4.4
There's nothing like a classic game of Monopoly. Play this board game for FREE here at!

Have you ever wanted to play Monopoly online? Well, now you can! Here at, you can play this classic board game with up to four friends using the same computer. At the beginning of the game you are prompted to enter your name, you can really type anything, this is just to distinguish between players, choose a color and a token. Then you get to roll the dice, move on the board and buy properties and tax the players who land on them. It's really up to you to become the richest player on the board. If you're ready to roll the dice and acquire wealth and properties click the Play button and let's go!
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  • 3D graphics
  • Supports up to 4 players
  • Easy to learn controls

Fecha de lanzamiento: November 2019

Desarrolladora: fue desarrollado por Playtouch

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