Monster Truck Flip Jumps
Monster Truck Flip Jumps
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Monster Truck Flip Jumps

Monster Truck Flip Jumps


Clasificación: 3.9
Buckle your seat belt and enjoy the adrenaline pumping in this fun and intense 4x4 monster truck game! Make front and back flips to have a blast!

Making driving you hobby and playing fun and intense driving games online! Try this new 4x4 monster truck jumping game called Monster Truck Flip Jumps games!
Buckle your seat belt and enjoy the adrenaline pumping rides from this driving game. Use your skills to drive and balance the monster truck unlocked from the game. Press and hold the arrow keys on your way on levels over obstacles.Use nitro to jump over cars,explosive barrels and crates and collect gold on your way to be able to afford new rides.
Enjoy the breathtaking loops with your modified monster truck and try not to land on your back! There are tons of levels and faster monster trucks to keep your adrenaline pumping.
Smash your way in high speeds and make high jumps landing on all 4 wheels while having the best time of your life online! Enjoy this cool new WEBGL game called Monster Truck Flip Jumps and be the best driver online!

Fecha de lanzamiento: May 2017

Desarrolladora: Monster Truck Flip Jumps fue desarrollado por BrightestGames

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