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Packer Click
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Packer Click

Packer Click


Clasificación: 4.9
Packer Click is an idle clicking game in which you unpack stuff. Everybody loves to pop bubbles, so that makes the Packer Click an even more fun game!

We all like to pop bubble wrap. That's a fact! Anytime we receive a package, part of the unboxing fun is popping some bubbles. If you enjoy that too then we have good news: here at, you can play Packer Click.
This fun arcade game lets you pop as many bubbles as you can. And the more you pop the more packs you unbox. Each unboxed pack gives you points that you can use for upgrades. So are you ready to get popping? Click Play and let's unbox some packages!
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  • Stylized 2D graphics
  • Fun and casual gameplay
  • Upgrades
  • Real easy to play

Fecha de lanzamiento: March 2017

Desarrolladora: Packer Click fue desarrollado por Kizi