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Police Car Stunt Driver

Police Car Stunt Driver


Clasificación: 4.1
Get ready to start your patrol hours with Police Car Stunt Driver! Drive around in your police car and make sure everyone is safe!

Car games are not just for racing and drifting enthusiasts, sometimes you just want to drive around and explore. If this sounds like you then Police Car Stunt Driver is the game you're looking for!
This is a car game where you patrol the streets, making sure everyone is safe and following the law. But that doesn't mean that you can't do some exciting stuff while you're patrolling around. That's right, there's plenty you can actually see and do! You can perform awesome-looking stunts, drive at high speeds and just test out your car's capabilities. Make sure you keep an eye on your fuel tank, you wouldn't want it to run empty while you're doing something important.
And that's it, now you know everything you need to play this game, so start your engine and let's go!
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  • Good looking 3D graphics
  • Detailed car models
  • You can turn your siren on and off
  • Easy to learn controls

Fecha de lanzamiento: November 2019

Desarrolladora: Police Car Stunt Driver fue desarrollado por Best Free Games

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