Polygonal Battlefield
Polygonal Battlefield
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Polygonal Battlefield

Polygonal Battlefield


Clasificación: 4.6
Enjoy an action pack shooting games in a unique polygonal style. Play again your friends or versus other players all around the world and become the best.

If you are a big fan of action pack shooting games and you have played the famous Battlefield 5 games then here on we have prepared a low poly or polygonal similar game called Po.Ba Polygonal Battlefield. Polygonal Battlefield it's a fun to play multiplayer game with your friends or against other player from all around the world. Start playing the game and select what type of character you want to play with from medic, recon, engineer, heavy and assault.
Then you can choose many types of accessories for your face, head, and body. Select the perfect costumes with the scariest masks and be original in designing your outfit. You can have some fun with the fun to watch dancing moves each character has. You can add dancing moves and perform them like in the famous fortnite game after each kill. Join one of the created rooms and start having fun online in Polygonal Battlefield.
Use w,a,s,d keys to move and mouse to aim and shoot, press shift to run and space to roll over and avoid getting shot. Killing as many enemies as possible to become the leader of the game. Take cars, buggies, and tanks out for a spin while trying to escape the other players. Go on the see with the boat and come to the shore in another area. Enjoy and have fun online with his epic fun shooting game and become the kind of the map. Also, you can try other similar gun games like Toon Off, Galactic Force, and Fortnite Online China. Have fun!
Release Date
January 2019

Polygonal Battlefield was developed by Ciorbyn Studio.
Web browser.
  • Enjoy a fun multiplayer 3D Polygonal shooting game.
  • Nice looking low poly graphics with vibrant colors.
  • The game can be played in the 2 modes TDM and DM.
  • Choose to play between medic, recon, engineer, heavy and assault.
  • One large map city with endless possibilities.
  • Enjoy the seven different dances that can be performed in the game.
  • Nice raking system depending on how many games you played, kills, and deaths.
  • Spin the roulette to get rewards.
  • A lot of rooms to join and played versus other players around the world.
  • Nice physics and collision.
  • Nice animations and fun to play.

More Information About Polygonal Battlefield
It is a nice shooting game with vibrant colors and low poly graphics that can be played for free online on Polygonal Battlefield it's developed with WebGL technology allowing to work perfectly in all modern browsers. If you enjoyed this 3D shooting game make sure you try other games like, and Call of Ops. Good luck!