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Race The Traffic

Race The Traffic


Clasificación: 4.6
Race The Traffic is a 3D driving simulator that will take you to busy highways where you can drive through the intense traffic.

Race The Traffic is a car game where you get to choose your car and a game mode then jump straight into driving on a busy highway where you must drive at high speeds while avoiding crashing or hitting other cars.
This car game has 6 cars, 5 of which you can unlock after you gain some in-game money, and 4 game modes: One Way, Two Way, Time Attack, and Speed Bomb. You can also choose to drive in a sunny environment, through the rain or at night. Race The Traffic is a driving game that'll test your driving skills, hand-eye coordination, and reaction speed, so make sure you are focused on the road when driving.
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  • 3D graphics
  • Unlockable cars
  • 4 game modes
  • Easy to learn controls

Fecha de lanzamiento: February 2021

Desarrolladora: Race The Traffic fue desarrollado por Fat Boy Studio

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