Rally Point 5
Rally Point 5
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Rally Point 5

Rally Point 5


Clasificación: 4.2
For all those passionate about racing cars, Xfoam Games presents Rally Point 5 a new, a new challenge for you. Start the engine and rally to win!
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Rally Point 5 is a new game developed by Xfoam Games for racing car enthusiasts. This is a very successful game that attracts millions of players. The game is also available on mobile.
The game has superb graphics and addictive gameplay. Start those powerful engines and rally to win!
  • Stunning 3D graphics with awesome details
  • Nine challenging levels to play
  • Nine cars are available in this game
  • Voice navigational guide
  • Fun to play but hard to master

Fecha de lanzamiento: December 2018

Desarrolladora: Rally Point 5 fue desarrollado por Xform Games

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