Red Panda Surfer
Red Panda Surfer
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Red Panda Surfer

Red Panda Surfer


Clasificación: 4.9
Find a way to get as far as possible in the ancient cities. And collect coins in this fun Panda endless surfing game. Buy upgrades to last longer..

Play the latest panda and kung-fu panda games online for free like this epic fun surfing game called Red Panda Surfer. Click to play now live on Red Panda Surfer and explore the ancient worlds and the beautiful cities.
Start playing the game and move around or surf through the streets filled with obstacles. Find a way how to get as far as possible and make sure you all ways collect coins. Move your panda player fast right then left and avoid the static and moving obstacles. After each level is finished you can spend the money collected in you can buy new racers, planks, and useful enhancements.
Also, you can spend some money on upgrades like shields, magnets, and coin boosters. Each upgrade will help you overcome more easily and take you further and further in the game.
The magnetic booster-magnets attack cash, this makes them last longer and spawn often.
Try to collect shield boost -even the best can make a mess. with this, you can continue after a crash. And the coin booster- boost your luck to get more silver and gold. Have fun enjoy surfing online with this epic fun animal surfing game. And customize the boards to fit your play style. Good luck!
  • Nice looking 3D graphics with fun and captivating gameplay.
  • Unlock and play with 4 types of animal surfers.
  • 3 types of boards each one with different tattoos and shapes.
  • Select from 2 up to 6 colors depending on the selected board.
  • Upgrade the magnetic booster, shield boost, and coin booster to help you stay longer in the game.
  • Test and drive beautiful colored levels.
  • Easy and fun to play.
Web browser.

Fecha de lanzamiento: October 2018

Desarrolladora: Red Panda Surfer fue desarrollado por Team Red Panda

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