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Slalom Hero


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Have a blast online this winter and ski downhill in the fastest time to win the gold medals. Conquer the snowy peaks to be the Slalom Hero!

if you didn't have enough fun this winter skiing or snowboarding, it's not to late, winter is still on you can still have a blast online with a new fun html5 game called Slalom Hero. Click to play now Slalom Hero online for free on
Start playing the game and choose your athlete you can play as a man or woman. Before choosing make sure you watch the abilities or the statistics of the athletes. Depending on what strategy you will use more speed or be more agile make the best choice and overcome the time from each level to win the gold medals. There are three modes of difficulty, beginner, normal, and expert. You can start with the beginner mode and as you improve your character by increasing his or her skills, you can then increase your difficulty.
Make sure you always steer between the slalom gates and collect boosts to improve your time and conquer the snowy peaks to be the Slalom Hero. If you enjoyed this winter game make sure you try other similar skiing games like Downhill Ski, Alpine Ski Master and Ski run 2. Good luck!
Web browser.
  • Enjoy a fun-to-play old-school 3D skiing game.
  • Nice-looking graphics with beautiful colors.
  • Choose between 2 athletes to play the game.
  • You can play the game in easy, normal, and hard mode.
  • Nice physics.
  • Good music and fun to play.
More Information About Slalom Hero
It's a fun winter skiing game that can be played for free online on Slalom Hero it's developed with Html5 technology allowing it to work perfectly in all modern browsers. If you enjoyed this Olympic game make sure you try other games like Ski Safari, Ski Freestyle, and Snow Blazers. Have fun!

Desarrolladora: Slalom Hero fue desarrollado por Action Games

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