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Squid Game Sniper

Squid Game Sniper


Clasificación: 4.2
It's time for a different take on the already famous Green Light Red Light from Squid Game.

Are you looking for some free shooting games you can play in your spare time? If that's so then you've come to the right place! Here at, you can play Squid Game Sniper.
Now we are all too familiar with the Squid Game and its famous Red Light Green Light by now, but today's title will make you see it from a different perspective. That means that for this round of Green Light Red Light you're going to assume the role of the sniper. As you know, the sniper has to shoot anyone who's still moving after the song stops and the doll turns its head towards the people. You'll have to rely on your sharp precision and aiming skills to make sure that you only shoot people who were still running when the song stopped. If you do shoot somebody else by mistake your overall score will decrease. So what do you say? Have we piqued your interest?
If you enjoy sniping games or you're just a fan of the Squid Game show make sure you don't miss out on this title!
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  • 3D graphics
  • Improves hand-eye coordination
  • Easy to learn controls

Fecha de lanzamiento: October 2021

Desarrolladora: Squid Game Sniper fue desarrollado por Meyagames

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