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Stickdoll 2

Stickdoll 2


Clasificación: 4.9
Stickdoll 2 is a 2D side scroller game where you'll explore an unknown land and overcome all kinds of challenges.

Are you looking for an adventure? Are side scrolling games your thing? In this case, why don't you give Stickdoll 2 a try? In this online game, you control a stickman and your task is to explore and beat each level of the game. Use your sword and your fighting skills to defeat your opponents, make use of your pixel-perfect precision when you jump from one platform to another, and collect as many coins as you can, they're useful for leveling up. Some enemies you'll encounter will be more tricky than others, so make sure you act accordingly. The simple controls and the level design make for a great challenge, all you have to do is click the Play button and the adventure will begin! You can play Stickdoll 2 and many other games for free right here at
  • 2D graphics
  • Good level design
  • Challenging and fun gameplay
  • Easy to learn controls

Fecha de lanzamiento: June 2021

Desarrolladora: Stickdoll 2 fue desarrollado por Xlab Game Studio

#stickman#action pack#medieval#sword#fight#enemies#coins#collect#obstacles#avoid#platform#platformer#webgl