Zombie Derby 2 Online
Zombie Derby 2 Online
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Zombie Derby 2 Online

Zombie Derby 2 Online


Clasificación: 4.9
Are you ready to kill some zombies in this awesome new game "Zombie Derby 2 Online"? Give it a try and enjoy the game!

Zombie Derby 2 Online is online on to be tested. Upgrade your car and your weapons to steer and smash your way through roads that are loaded with zombies in the epic 3D shooter Zombie Derby 2!
A large number of murderous zombies have inundated the whole mainland. Hardly any survivors remain, and the boldest and most experienced drivers will retaliate, they will attempt to battle the innumerable multitudes of the dead in this prophetically catastrophic reality.
You will be one of the saints of the new world that have been overwhelmed by the zombie end times. It's an ideal opportunity to get in the driver's seat of one of eight accessible beast vehicles and start clearing the land, and the streets, of the ruthless dead.